You may appeal your ban here. You must present a persuasive case as to why we should unban you.
I understand. Let's go!
What is your in-game username? *

What is your UUID? *

You may find your UUID on We need your UUID just in case you have changed your username recently.
What is your Discord username?

If you don't have a Discord account or haven't joined our Discord server, you may leave this question blank.
Why were you banned? *

The reason for your ban is provided when you try to join the server.
Why do you believe you should be unbanned? *

We will disregard your appeal if you argue against the reason for your ban unless you can provide a persuasive case as to why you believe your ban was unjustified.
We'll review your appeal as soon as we can, {{answer_51605630}}. You can try to connect to the server periodically over the next 30 days to see if we have unbanned you. Do not ask staff members if you will be unbanned. If 30 days pass and you cannot connect to the server, we have rejected your appeal.

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